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We teach three core life skills that improve the qualityof life for each and every one of our students.

Coordination and Motor Skills

Children with strong bodies, fine tuned motor skills and physical coordination developed through Our Program will have improved: general health, sports performance, as well as other physical activities such as dancing or bike riding. Our Coordination and Motor Skills Training will develop your child’s cardiovascular system, their muscular strength, and will create a general kind of body awareness which can only be gained from a whole body method of Martial Arts training. Your child will be more coordinated, less susceptible to injuries, and be much more aware of their body and how to use it correctly.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Building

Our Program improves a child's self esteem through consistent positive verbal reinforcement. When kids work to earn their next belt level, not only are they learning basic world-class self-defense, they are building self-esteem and learning to feel good about themselves.


One of the most important words in martial arts is respect. Students are taught to respect their instructors, each other, and themselves. Our instructors spend time in class discussing the importance of respecting schoolteachers and parents. Respect is often missing in many facets of today’s society. This is what separates Martial arts from other sports. A child’s social behavior should be directly linked to his or her progression in the martial arts class. It’s not just about winning, our classes are about personal growth and becoming a better person.

Our Program Design

Our program will teach your child valuable skills they will use for the rest of their lives including how to persevere through any challenge, to focus on doing their best, and to be respectful to everyone. Our students also learn age appropriate self-defense and bully prevention. We are committed to providing your child a safe, caring, educational, and fun environment to learn in.

For parents who want even more life skill training, we offer the Leadership program in which we teach kids how to speak in front of a group, how to present to a group, and how to perform in front of a group, all the while gaining confidence. This excellent and unrivaled class also teaches children to stand tall, look people in the eyes when they communicate, how to shake hands and introduce themselves properly, and much, much more.  

Every student begins their training at Envision Martial Arts with a FREE private lesson, which eases many children’s nerves and puts them at ease. It also allows the instructors, parents, and students to get to know each other. We make sure that every student has a personal and positive experience when at our facility. Call TODAY to schedule your first lesson at our Evergreen location.

What Really Sets Us Apart

Envision Martial Arts, Colorado’s premiere Martial Arts school system, loves teaching the children and families of it’s communities important life skills such as confidence, discipline, respect, and focus.

Envision Martial Arts is owned by Master Jody Horn and his wife, Emma Horn and together they represent 50 years of martial arts experience and are a dynamic team both on and off the Taekwondo mats.

They have created a curriculum focused on the values every parent wants to see in their child. They strive to help every student become more confident by setting individual goals for them and then ensuring the student follows through with their commitments thus creating the powerful statement of “Yes, I Can!”